Brushing After Meals


Almost everyone knows how important it brushing your teeth after eating in Fallbrook is. This is something that you have probably been told to do since you were young. Dental professionals often advice their patients to brush their teeth twice every day after taking their meals. However, new discoveries have shown that this is not the right thing to do. New studies have show that people should not brush their teeth immediately after eating.

There are many different types of germs that live in the mouth. Although most of these germs are not harmful, there are some that can attack and damage the oral tissues. This happens when the foods consumed through the day are left on the surfaces of the teeth. Bacteria feed on these foods and produce plaque, a substance that sticks on the surfaces of the teeth. If the plaque is not removed over a long period of time, it can cause gum disease and makes you suffer from cavities as well. That is why dentists have always insisted on the importance of brushing your teeth after eating in Fallbrook.

Watch out for acidic foods

You have to do everything you can to prevent cavities and gum disease. However, it is important to keep in mind the fact that brushing your teeth immediately after meals is not one of the things that you should do. This is because when you brush your teeth immediately after meals, the acid that is present in your mouth will damage the surface. This means that you will be destroying your teeth while thinking that you are doing what needs to be done to protect them. According to researchers, you should wait for a t least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after meals to protect them from the harmful acids.

Always remember that there is a lot of acid in your mouth after meals that can potentially damage your teeth. Saliva helps to neutralize this acid after eating. That is why you need to wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after a meals. This gives saliva enough time to neutralize the acid. Instead of rushing to brush your teeth after a meals, you should rinse your mouth using an antibacterial wash or water. This will help you get rid of loose food particles as you wait to wait for the acid to be naturally neutralized by saliva so that you can brush without harming your teeth.

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